Electron Tube Design

The term Electron Tube covers a vast range of devices which have vacuum envelopes and free electrons moving inside them. We specialize in the design of a number of electron tubes, including streak tubes, cathode ray tubes, low frequency amplifier tubes (triodes, tetrodes and pentodes), microwave tubes and X-ray tubes. We are actively engaged in research on low power, lightweight, electrostatically focused microwave tubes that can be used in space communications.

We also build testers. These are special purpose tubes for testing devices, materials or components. They may be used for testing cathodes, electron guns, electron bombarded semiconductors, X-ray targets, phosphors, or the vacuum properties of glues or other organics. Because we use glass, we can build electron tubes quickly and inexpensively.

We also rebuild electron tubes if it is economically feasible. For example, an out-of-date cathode ray tube can often be reconditioned by merely changing its getters, its cathode, and sometimes resettling its phosphor screen.

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