Electrostatically focused coupled cavity traveling wave tube
Traveling wave tubes (TWTs) amplify radio frequency waves by converting electron beam energy into microwave energy. They use a slightly different principle than klystrons, and are therefore able to amplify over a very broad frequency band.

Traveling wave tubes consist of three elements - an electron gun for generating the electron beam, the RF circuit, where the beam interacts and amplifies radio frequency waves, and the collector, where the spent beam is collected and dissipated.

We have experience with both helix TWTs and coupled cavity. We have even developed ring-loop TWTs. We have provided everything from consulting services to complete designs, as well as components testing and repair services. Most likely, we can help you.

  Hughes High-powered Traveling Wave Tube from the 1970's  

A coupled cavity prototype that we built is shown above. It utilizes electrostatic focusing which lowers cost and weight, and allows the use of an all-glass envelope.

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