Phosphor Screens

Phosphor screens have been a specialty of ours since we first started in business. We have mastered the full range of phosphor deposition techniques, and we can make both monochrome and photo-patterned full color screens.

Phosphors are substances that emit light when impinged on by energetic electrons or other light. They produce the light in fluorescent lamps and the picture in cathode ray tubes for televisions and computer monitors. In the case of fluorescent lamps, it is UV light that excites the phosphor. In cathode ray tubes, an electron beam, or more probably 3 electron beams, scan back and forth across the inside surface of the tube and excite different colored-light-producing phosphor dots. Moreover, the intensity of the beams changes from dot to dot to produce the so-called gray scale. In this way, a full color picture is generated, one picture every 16 milliseconds.

Phosphor screens are often used as diagnostic devices in research and development projects involving electron beams. We can make custom screens for your project in almost any configuration, size, type of phosphor and deposition technique.

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